17. Polly Shannon as Darcy D'Angelo

Darcy D'Angelo played by Polly Shannon

Darcy D'Angelo is a beautiful, tenacious and persistent reporter. Darcy first meets the team in the christmas episode Silent Night in which the team are after a bank robber who dresses as Santa. Bobby is sent by Ted to do an interview with Darcy who has questions regarding a case the team are on. Darcy and Bobby get off to a prickly start which is continued after Darcy harasses Bobby at a botched arrest. By the end of the episode Bobby's persistence seems to have won Darcy over. In Diplomatic Immunity Darcy goes above and beyond to help Bobby and is put in jail because of her determination to help him. During the episode Troy Story Darcy and Bobby break up.

The character Darcy D'Angelo is portrayed by actor Polly Shannon.