Jack finds out the hard way that his home computer has been hacked - someone's broken through his firewall and now has access to his finances and his CIA account. Meanwhile, Sue is approached about a promotion - the only problem is its in New York. Much to everyone's shock she decides to take the post - Bobby, Myles and Dimitrius are really happy for her; as are Tara and Lucy. They track the guy who stole Jack's identity and afterwards Sue visits a church where she bumps into someone she met briefly at the hospital; Deanne. Deanne tells Sue she is suffering from MS and that her friends are "awesome" about it and are really good support. After this Sue realizes that she loves her friends too much to move - she doesn't tell Jack until after he confesses that he doesn't want her to go.


Deanne Bray as Sue Thomas

Yannick Bisson as Jack Hudson

Rick Peters as Bobby Manning

Enuka Okuma as Lucy Dotson

Marc Gomes as Dimitrius Gans

Ted Atherton as Myles Leland III

Tara Samuel as Tara Williams

Jesse Renfro as Levi

Sue Thomas as Deanne Bray

Sammi Bourgeois as Amanda Duffman

Important Information
Directed By: Dave Alan Johnson
Written By: Dave Alan Johnson
Air Date (UK): 22/05/2005

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