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This Wiki site is all about Sue Thomas F.B.Eye; a great series which only lasted for three seasons. Sue Thomas F.B.Eye is about a young deaf woman who sets out to join the F.B.I. in Washington D.C.

Sue Thomas F.B.EyeEdit

Sue Thomas F.B.Eye was created by brothers Dave Alan Johnson and Gary R. Johnson. Sue Thomas (played by Deanne Bray) has a hearing dog called Levi (played by Jesse Renfro). After moving to Washington in pursuit of a career in the F.B.I. Sue joins Jack Hudson's (played by Yannick Bisson) unit. Jack's unit consists of himself, one of his oldest friends Bobby Manning (played by Rick Peters), Dimitrius Gans (played by Marc Gomes), Myles Leland III (played by Ted Atherton), Tara Williams (played by Tara Samuel) and Sue's inevitable best friend and roommate Lucy Dotson (played by Enuka Okuma).

Episode IndexEdit

Series 01 Series 02 Series 03
1.01 - Pilot 2.01 - The Girl Who Signed Wolf 3.01 - Adventures In Babysitting
1.02 - Bombs Away 2.02 - The Sniper 3.02 - The Body Shop
1.03 - Assassins 2.03 - Homeland Security 3.03 - Skin Deep
1.04 - A Snitch In Time 2.04 - Cold Case 3.04 - The New Mafia
1.05 - The Signing 2.05 - The Newlywed Game (Part 1) 3.05 - The Actor (Part 1)
1.06 - A Blast From The Past 2.06 - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Part 2) 3.06 - Planes, Trains And Automobiles (Part 2)
1.07 - Silent Night 2.07 - Bad Hair Day 3.07 - Simon Says
1.08 - Greed 2.08 - Political Agenda 3.08 - Did She Or Didn't She?
1.09 - Diplomatic Immunity 2.09 - The Gambler 3.09 - Fraternity
1.10 - Dirty Bomb 2.10 - Into Thin Air 3.10 - Secret Agent Man (Part 1)
1.11 - The Heist 2.11 - To Grandmother's House We Go 3.11 - Spy Games (Part 2)
1.12 - The Leak 2.12 - The Lawyer 3.12 - Boy Meets World
1.13 - Missing 2.13 - The Holocaust Survivor 3.13 - False Profit
1.14 - Prodigal Father 2.14 - The Mentor 3.14 - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
1.15 - He Said, She Said 2.15 - Rocket Man 3.15 - The Bounty Hunter
1.16 - The Hunter 2.16 - Elvis Is In The Building 3.16 - Troy Story
1.17 - The Fugitive 2.17 - Hit And Run 3.17 - Mind Games
1.18 - Billy The Kid 2.18 - Concrete Evidence 3.18 - Bad Girls
2.19 - The Kiss 3.19 - Endings And Beginnings

Main Characters IndexEdit

Sue Thomas (Character) played by Deanne Bray (Real) Jack Hudson played by Yannick Bisson Bobby Manning played by Rick Peters
Lucy Dotson played by Enuka Okuma Dimitrius Gans played by Marc Gomes Myles Leland III played by Ted Atherton
Tara Williams played by Tara Samuel Levi played by Jesse Renfro

Supporting Characters IndexEdit

Charlie Adams played by Jack Jessop Stan Eldridge played by Charles W. Gray Marty Pavone played by Robert Bidaman
Howie Fines played by Jonathan Wilson Randy Pitts played by Ed Sahely Ted Garrett played by Eugene Clark
Troy Myers played by Troy Kotsur Donna Gans played by Janet Bailey Donna Gans played by Karen Glave
Darcy D'Angelo played by Polly Shannon David Palmer played by Jeffrey Douglas Deanne Bray (Character) played by Sue Thomas (Real)
Amanda Duffman played by Sammi Bourgeois Kevin Duffman played by Andrew Jackson Stanley Abbott played by Gord Rand
Otis Washington played by Jerome Williams

Latest activityEdit

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